The success POSH enjoys today, as we celebrate our 24th year in 2023, is mainly attributed to the many people who give so generously their time, energy and effort.

Our thanks are extended to the POSH committee members, many of whom have been on the POSH committee since its inception. They provide the strategy, focus and inspiration to ensure POSH is a not-to-be-missed event and continues to raise more than $1 million annually for cancer research.

To the many volunteers whose efforts, whether large or small, are invaluable to our cause, we thank you for your contributions.

Finally, we gratefully acknowledge Vince Sorrenti, POSH Master of Ceremonies and entertainer, who has made an outstanding personal commitment by donating his services for the past 24 years. He continues to delight and engage our patrons, and we are very grateful for his support, humour and tenacity.


Dallas Lesley


Jenny Menzies

Liz Wynn

Lacinda Fisk


Luke Fussell, Chair

Libby Boyce

Bill Drakopoulos

Gary Gerstle

Bruce Hodgkinson AM SC

Nik Lytas

Michael Morgan

Nadine O’Brien

Blake O’Sullivan

Jennifer Pridham


Stephen Roberts

Kelly Ross

Phillip Tarrant

James Tuite

John White

John Ryder Winning

John Winning

Prof Sarah Hosking, CEO Cancer Council NSW, ex-officio