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Loretta's Testimonial

“I will be forever grateful to Cancer Council for their help in my time of need, it was a huge help to get me through those few months of a terminal illness diagnosis.

I did feel a bit embarrassed that I needed this help but then remembered I sponsored Cancer Council for a couple of years as a young adult. I was happy to know that my money was going towards helping people like myself, dealing with this disease, at a time when it was most needed.”

- Loretta, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and metastatic breast cancer in 2018

Where your donation goes

Your donation helps people affected by cancer and brings us closer to a cancer free future.

Every dollar goes towards:

  • world-class cancer research that improves the way cancer is prevented, detected, and treated
  • cancer support services that ensure no one has to go through cancer alone, no matter where they live
  • cancer prevention programs that reduce the risk of cancer in our communities
  • advocating governments to achieve positive improvements to cancer policies.


Because of you, in 2020/21


was invested in cancer research

nights of affordable accommodation for cancer patients and carers

trips made so cancer patients and carers could get to treatment

the number of times our cancer information podcasts were listened to

golf clubs protected their members from skin cancer

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Support cancer prevention and advocacy campaigns to educate the community
Educate children about the importance of being SunSmart
Enable cancer patients to get to their life-saving treatment with the Transport to Treatment program


Provide long term and predictable income benefiting those that need support or information when they need it
Allow life-saving research projects to be planned and coordinated in advance ensuring every new discovery is explored to the fullest
Receive bi-annual updates on what your support is helping to achieve

Cancer Council FAQS

Where does my donation go?

Your generous donation will help fund Cancer Council's life-saving research, prevention and advocacy programs, and information and support services.

How else can I contribute?

There are many ways you can get involved and help change the lives of people affected by cancer. Some examples are:

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Cancer Council NSW is registered with the Australian Taxation Office as an Income Tax Exempt Charity: Charitable Fundraising Authority No. 18521. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Will I get a receipt after donating?

Yes. Please ensure you enter the correct email address when donating to receive your receipt.