We urgently need your help to save precious young lives    

For parents who have lost a child to cancer, Christmas is a painful reminder of what has been taken from them.

Every day, because of the kindness of people like you, Cancer Council NSW is investing in life-saving research to give Aussie kids the best chance of surviving cancer.

For all that we have learned, we still don’t know what causes 50% of childhood cancers, but we do know cancer kills more children than any other disease.

Children like Emma.

Emma was just 10 years old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive tumour in her jaw. She spent three years in and out of hospital, where she would go and see other kids, give them a hug and tell them everything was all right.

Sadly, Emma passed away a few weeks after Christmas.

The last three years of life were extremely hard on Emma and her loving family. Eventually she ran out of treatment options for her cancer. She was just 13 years old.

Will you help support the research that can stop children like Emma dying from cancer?

We urgently need more support to achieve the life-saving breakthroughs people with cancer need. The reality is that we cannot fund research like this without caring and compassionate people like you.

This is why your support right now is critical.

Unless we fund more research into childhood cancers, sadly many more children will die.

Please make a generous gift this Christmas, and support life-saving cancer research.

With your kindness, fewer children will be lost to cancer.

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